Jessica Wu



1.  The issue is Obamacare's negative effect of the U.S. economy.
2.  President Obama is in this cartoon.
3.  Ambulance represents Obamacare.
      Car represents U.S. Economy.
4.  The cartoonist's opinion is that Obamacare takes from the U.S. economy.
5.  I agree because it has become very unpopular because it costs a lot and many                people are unsatisfied with their service.


Income Gap

1. The issue is the widening of the income gap between the rich and the poor.
2. No real people are in this cartoon.
3. Dollar Bill represents Income Gap.
     Person on Right represents The Rich.
4. The cartoonist's opinion is that the rich aren't really concerned about it because it      benefits them. It mostly hurts the poor.
5. I agree because people it is an advantage for the rich. It's hard on people with less       money so they are the ones who are worrying about it. People don't usually care           unless it affects them.


Falling Leafs

1. The event is the Maple Leafs losing this season.
2. No real people are in this cartoon.
3. Leaves represent Toronto Maple Leafs
    Falling of Leaves represent Their Collapse and Losses
4. The cartoonist's opinion is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing really terrible            this season.
5. I agree because they dropped out of a playoff spot and had an 8 game losing streak.


Mideast Peace Hopes

1. The issue is the faltering of peace negotiations with the Mideast.
2. No real people are in this cartoon.
3. Bridge represents Low Expectations.
    Truck represents High Hopes for Mideast Peace.
4. The cartoonist's opinion is that the hopes for Mideast peace were too high for the          low expectations.
5. I agree because John Kerry had very high hopes for Mideast peace even though              many people thought it was a bad decision to step in in the first place. Right now,          the stakes are very high and President Abbas of Palestine defied the U.S. and Israel      by joining 15 international agencies. John Kerry also canceled his trip to the                    region.