ThingLink Classroom Creative Challenge

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To get started, please create an interactive image to Show Us Your School and get added to our interactive map. Then grab your mobile device and take a walk through your schoolyard or neighborhood to capture photos of gardens, search for insects on your playground, or simply brainstorm a list of local landmarks and do some research. We hope you will find something interesting. If not, please make a suggestion. We love feedback!

Try Another

Grab your mobile device and take some snapshots of your school. Annotate it with an image on top of an image to highlight areas. Focus on writing clear and concise labels to explain the image.

Explore an Idea:  Interactive Newsletter

When we kicked off our end of year ThingLink Classroom Creative Challenge, Bring the Textbook to Life, Christi Collins jumped on board and created a ThingLink to put Wise Primary School in Virginia on our collaborative map of participants. Then she created an interactive newsletter in response to our call to share games at recess and insects on our playgrounds combined! What a fabulous way to share learning and connect with families through a newsletter!


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2 years ago

Great Idea. How about having a world map

2 years ago

Yes, if we can gain some momentum and continue, a world map would be a great goal!