Much Ado About Nothing

Ty Williams

Claudio just gone think he is going to come up in here and take my spotlight. I am going to ruin him now, because I tried to tell him Don Pedro liked Hero but they had to tell him the truth. I'm going to have to call Margaret and Borachio and tell Margaret to wear Hero clothes to make it look like that Hero is cheating on him with Borachio and I'm going to leave in the morning after the wedding.... if there is a wedding. I've heard that the two fools that will never get together, Benedick and Beatrice. My two stupid brothers Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato is trying to trick Benedick two to over hear there conversation about how they like each other. Hero and Ursula is doing the same with Beatrice. As soon as I come back I hear that Benedick marries Beatrice and Claudio marries Hero look-a-like cousin hahaha what a fool.

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