Representation of in the Americans documentary 'Super Size Me'

The first scene of the documentary show children singing a song that has a repetition of fast foods. This draws connotations between contemporary American society and Fast Foods industries. Since this done through children we can conclude that fast food is considered an integral part of the average person in society. The gender and racial diversity of the children shows that Fast Food is a part of everyone lives and its is not held by gender, race or age.

In the documentary they talk to a guy that say when is it going to be socially accepted is society to say to an obese question an obese and ask "why are you so fact, don't you know that's bad for you." This may seem like a confronting idea but when obesity related symptoms are the second highest killer in america it draws the question why is obesity socially accepted in society.

This may leads to the scene in the cafeteria where the woman is talking about how the school teaches about the making the right nutritional choices. This is juxtaposed with a student pulling a piece of pizza that is literary dripping with cheese. This leeds views to think that students don't have a adequate nutritional knowledge.

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