President Sends US Troops to Battle Ebola

James Zhou

The Ebola outbreak in Africa causes the President to send about 3000 soldiers to Liberia The US helps in the cause by training health care professionals and 4000 home protection kits to hospitals and doctors in the region, so if someone is sick they will not spread it. "You can not leave even one burning ember behind, as it could lead to another outbreak" says CNN News reporter. However, the US doesn't help any other country about this disease.

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Opportunity and equality

In this article, Obama sends workers to help treat Ebola victims, giving them a much higher chance of living, and those around them a much higher chance of not getting Ebola. This itself shows the opportunities the people of Liberia now encounter. However, the US only sent troops to Liberia, completely disregarding the other countries in Africa that face this disease; the people in those countries do not have the same treatment as that in Liberia, with the US aiding them.

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