Culture: Patterns and processes

By: Mary Mawson

  1. We the united states are one of the 5 groups presenting in this project. The other 4 are the army and the wealthy and the gorillas, the peasants and the government.
  • Question 1: The groups that were involved were the peasants the gorillas the government and the army and the wealthy. In the beginning of the game the Army and the wealthy had all the power and the most MSU,s.


  • Question 2: The balance of power shifted a lot throughout the game. In the first month the army+ wealthy took the lead followed by the Gorilla's. Then in the second month The army and the wealthy lost 20 MSU,s and the gorillas gained 20 MSU,s. Finally in the third month The gorillas gained 10 more MSU,s and so didn't the army and the wealthy.
  • Question 3: In the game the army and the wealthy and the United states both signed a treaty together and came up with it together. That is cooperation right there both groups worked on the treaty so we could take down the other groups that didn't like us. Then in the other part the Gorillas and the army+ wealthy had there rough patch. The 2 groups often fought a lot and did not agree on anything together.
  • Question 4: The United States of America had the role of being in charge basically. Out of all the 4 other groups we had the most power. If we made a decision it would most likely effect the lives of the other 4 groups. The power of the USA is very powerful and can over ride any ones choices.
  • Question 5: It depends on the power shift. Sometimes it could effect some groups negatively or positively. If the army and the wealthy and the USA gained a ton of MSU,s then the other countries would hurt badly. But if the other groups caught up to the higher groups than there could be some serious conflict and major problems.
  1. Question 6: This topic definitely relates to my lifestyle. Some of my relashionships with people have conflict in them and some do not. The one relashionship i used to have was with my grandparents. We always had cooperation in our relashionship and they cared about me so much. They always wanted the best for me and told me a quote and said to think of this whenever things got hard. The quote said " Live life to the fullest because it only happens once. Than theres one more " Life is like a camera, Focus on whats important, Capture the good times and Develop from the negitives and if things dont work out take another shot". ..........................Finally the last part of my web 2.0 tool. In my life i have had many negitive relashionships involving conflict  with people, But they taught me life lessons and i moved on. EX: my brother and I have had our fair share of conflict and we fight to much. There is no being nice to one another and i wish that wasnt the case but it is. These examples i am bringing up have so much to do with the project were doing. Many countries fight just like my brother and I do and have a lot of conflict. Then there is my good cooperation relashionship with my grandparents. They always told me not everyone is going to be nice to you in life but in the end thats just how it is. Sometimes the meanest people teach you the best lessons in life.

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