My Life In Tribe

My life is changed after the Europeans came

Me with my tribe on a recent campaign.

My name is  Rowtag Luther, I am currently a member of Iroquois tribe.

Me and my tribe used to live peacefully on this place that the Europeans call "North America". Every day, we go out and hunt, we make the stuff we need in life ourselves, based on what we find in the environment. And we trade with the other tribes around us sometimes, for the good that we do not have. We have some interest in these different tribes' cultures and we would like to know them.

My favorite feather hat

I still remember that day, we found some people that we never seen before near the coastline. They have different looks than us. Their skin is white and they have low cheekbones. They also speak a different language. At first we thought they were in trouble and we bring them back to our tribe. Give them food and tour them around here, I can see they are very happy about all these. They stayed in our tribe for several months and they left with their boat. Several months later, they came back with more people.

The first time we found these European people

It seems like these new people are very interested in these furs that we harvest from the animals. They give us some really good tools like iron tomahawks, knives and fishhooks and for payback, we give them the furs. They also have silver jewelry and smooth cloths that look good. My people love these stuff and we hunt more often so that we could get more of these stuff that they brought from their land. There is nothing to worry about, we have numerous animals running around like bison and beavers, our life is getting better.

However, as time goes, their number is growing really fast. We were honest and friendly to them, we even taught them how to grow corn, but some of them are very greedy, they fight with some of our tribes over the lands and resources. I am friend with them and I do not want to see this happen because I also have responsibility for my people. Things are getting more and more bloody now.

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