A Haberdasher, a Dyer, a Carpenter, a Weaver and a Carpet-maker

Each of these men are businessmen and each of them are involved in the different guilds. "Of one impressive guild-fraternity," (line 374). They looked very neat and clean, and their equipment looked brand new. "...their gear would pass For new." (line 375-376). Their knives were made of silver, and were worn proudly on display. "A like display on girdles and on pouches." (line 378). Their wisdom made it seem that each of them would be a government official, or a high up official. They were very wealthy and well off, and their wives said it was their husbands duty to keep a consistent income and take care of the women. "They had capital and revenue, Besides their wives declared it was their due." (line 383-385).  The men thought that it was great enough pleasure to be called Madam. "To be called 'Madam' is a glorious thought..."

Samantha Fisher

Meghan Harduk

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