Gift Idea With A Difference – A 30cm Architecture Ruler!

Of course there are the regular gifts that you can give to your special someone – a bouquet or chocolates or a completely decked up gift basket. It could be your friend or family member or colleague that you wish to appreciate with this gesture. But if you are one who thinks gifts should be unique to properly convey your wishes, then this article might be of interest to you. Here we will be discussing the potential of a 30cm architecture ruler as a present for your loved one!

Confused? Allow us to explain..

For your studious friend

All of us have at least one friend in our social circle who would rather study than do anything else. Now you really cannot go ahead and give them a G.I. Joe and expect them to appreciate the gesture. But giving them an architectural scale ruler might just make their day! Studious people, studious gifts – it makes sense right? We know that you still can't help but make it a lot of fun so get your friend a printed 30cm rule, a ruler with his favourite cartoon character printed on it.

For the architect you know

It may be your husband or sibling or a family friend who works in the profession, but gifting an architect with a scale ruler is just make so much sense. Not only is the present cheeky and fun but will also ensure that the receiver always thinks of you whenever he/she is working. A ruler can make a perfect gift you can give to the architect in your life, just for fun sake or to get their attention. The gift is fun yet practical as the person receiving it will find good use of it. Plus you can customise the tool with your own additions or modifications to make it personal.

For the students and teachers

This is not just a good idea if you have a friend who is a student or working in the teaching profession. Schools can easily make it an initiative to gift 30cm architecture rulers to their staff as an appreciation of the work they do. You can print simple personalised messages on the scales as well, just to add a bit of flair to the entire act. Alternatively, educational authorities and non-government organisations, in a drive to promote education with the masses can also gift such items to students who find it difficult to afford good public schools.

Promoting your business

Depending upon the target audience you are looking to tap into, giving away customised architecture rulers with your brand insignia and marketing message on it will be a great idea for a corporate marketing stint. The drive will be quite inexpensive when compared to other advertising media that you may be using for your business. Plus, a scale ruler is such an everyday item that your potential customer will always have your name in front of their eyes, whenever they sit down to work.

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