dude come to the Arabian peninsula.

Made by Autumn galloway


1. Three quarters of the Arabian Peninsula is covered in desert.

2. The weather is the desert involves  sand, plains and plateaus High summer temperatures Winter and nighttime temperatures below freezing Little rainfall Violent sandstorms change the landscape

3. If you are in a desert you need to make sure you have a map of some sort

4. If you are in the desert you need to have appropriate shoes preferably tennis shoes

5. Make sure you find an oasis


1. An oasis is a place that water can be found in a desert.

2. If you need a way to get around I suggest a camel they can hold water for long periods of time.

3. If you are in the desert and traveling I would suggest a thing to hold water so that  if are near an oasis you can get some and go.

4. Make sure you bring someone with you if you have the chance because if you pass out and there is an oasis near by that person can get you water. (IF THEY ARE NICE)

5. If it starts to get dark I would camp near an oasis so that in the morning you can freshen up and grab some water.  

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