fifa coins people like always only two kinds of games, a football and a basketball

In China, people like always only two kinds of games, a football and a basketball. While other sports events, including numerous honors for China's national sport of table tennis,sell fifa 15 coins and volleyball, still is a niche sport, which also reflected in the fans are fond of sports games, sports games in China's mainstream only both football and basketball, other sports games are always on in a tepid place, making it impossible to attract the die-hard Fans. And people total has a errors, put athletic class game and sports class game completely equivalent viewed, think China of electronic athletic development heyday, is representative has China Sports class game is to brilliant, but they ignored has, despite such as football, and basketball, sports game are belongs to electronic athletic of category, but China of electronic athletic circle in, is rarely to real sports project for mainstream athletic game, and more of is counter-strike, and air combat class game, completely and sports take not Shang relationship of athletic game.

First home, is the so-called dog also depends on the owner, the so-called Giants to converge in front of your fans, and (if the teams don't even have fans as soon as you go! ) Then you can be assured of the ATTACKING, but don't get carried away selected GUNG HO, because of your level, not being on the same level. Gave him the HARD tackles well, especially when you have a lot of young players, the so-called big names always afraid of breaking, because when injuries don't get substantial appearance fee j if tackles are HARD, then do you have questions about CLOSING DOWN? Select ALWAYS. And you have to be on their ability to have a clear understanding of your skills after all, bad, so passing leave SHORT,MIXED habits are good choices for you, of course, except for special players.