I. Scanning

Use it when you are looking for specific piece of information~

II. Skimming

You don't need to read the whole text, so your eyes should move quickly over the lines to answer your questions~

III. Locating the main idea

Use it to understand the main idea of a paragraph~

IV. Understanding references

There are two cases, the pronouns replace a name or idea instead of repeating the same word again and again, and when you use differents words to name the same thing, that's substitution with synonyms~

V. Making inferences

When you infer something with the information that you already have~

VI. Thinking logically

Being able to make logical connections between the ideas and information in your reading to get a conclusion about it~

VII. Guessing meaning from context

When you use the text surrounding the unknow word to provide you with clues about meaning~

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