Peer Revising And Editing

For Short Storys

Editing: To edit a short story you must: correct spelling, puncutuation, capitalization, m, and etc... in your short story.

Rivising: To revise your short story you need to change all things that dont make sence, add details and better descriptive words to your story, and make your story flow better.

Make sure your short story has: Dialogue, Varied dialogue tags, Transition words, descriptive details, Climax- Charicter change, Include all stges of plot: Exposition, Rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. vivid setting, charicters, conflict: internal and external.


positive: different point of view, more ideas to improve your story, and more feed back you might not have thought about

negative: your friend might not want to be mean and give bad feead back, personal preference, false info, and bad feed back.         

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