The color wheel

The color wheel helps people understand colors a little bit more. It helps them get an understanding of the different patterns that go on. It also helps them come up with beautiful colors. From dark colors, to bright colors, to warm colors and even cool colors!  

The color theory

The color theory is very important in the art world. It shows that all colors go into a certain order. They can be arranged by there different styles of colors. Colors from warm to cool colors.

Primary colors

Our favorite color:

The color red is a strong, motivational color. It makes you feel confident and powerful. In some ways it can also mean death and horror. But for majority of it, it about love and passion. It means u can feel alive with your partner.  


Blue represents sad, gloomy. But it can also mean calm, relax, and stress free zone! It actually untrusting because its sad and also stress free zone!


This color is represents life, nature. It also symbolizes money. And my favorite one is green represents PO


Yellow means a lot of things but the main ones are happiness and fun and inspiration. Its a color full of joy. It inspires many people.

How colors come to life:

Colors are every where and you see them everyday. It amazing how you can see history of colors from 100 plus hundred years ago. For example, The last supper painting.

Secondary colors

Secondary are basically a mixture of colors. From blue and red that  make Magenta. There are so many other mixtures. Its cool because you can come up with new colors. And the basic colors of secondary colors are orange, green and purple.

Thank you!