flame thrower-killed the jungel.

bobms- used to weaken up the country.

peace-not being angery is how the blacks got rights.

water hosse-used to scare the blacks.

battleship-was used for stopping the USSR ships from getting to cuba.

falme thrower-

icbm-is a missel that is launched from the ground.

u2 spy plane-nickname dragon it is a sigel engine get that severed during the cold war

hydrogen bombs-is a bomb that is very big and cases mast dissrtution

MiG jets-was a Russian jet that severed during the cold war but really didn't use it

alliances-is when two party's agare on one thing

Huey-is helicopter,Huey was just a nickname that the solderer called it.

m16-is a machingun,it was used by the U.S militarily and is still used today.

napalm-is like jelly but it is very flamibel and spreads fast.

agent orange-it was used to kill the jungel, but it sometimes got on the trops and caused problems later in there life.

booby trap-were hiding traps that were very hard to see in the jungel

nonviolence-instead of fighty they used nonviolence

packing the jail-is when tones of people go to jail at the same time

children's march-when adults don't want to protest then the children will

justice in the courts-is when people demand justice if it is corrupted.

media-to shown the public how bad the blacks were treated.

nukes-they were not used during but they were close to being use.

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