Final Entertainment Project

By: Alex Besch

Movie Poster Review

I like this movie poster very much. It is very simple and it does a good job of showing the main characters in the movie. It also does a very good of being clear about what the movie is going to be about. They do a good job of keeping you sitting in suspense because you see an everyday man dressed up in a suit, secretly carrying a gun in his hand. I like how they make the characters stick out and they have the background just fading away in color. The movie also has a little bit of blood and sexual content so it isn't recommended for younger people. Also look at the emotion the the character is showing in his face, it looks like he is very serious and that might tell you what the movie is going to be about. If you look at the other character in the background it looks like she is really thinking hard about something or nervous about something. If you also look closely in the background you can see that the building says "Casino Royale" so that kinda makes you wonder if the movie will take place at a casino. But i do think that they could have chose a photo that was a little more interesting and really attracted your eye to the poster.

What are The Top Three Strategies For Amusement Parks

One thing amusement parks should do, is try to find a way to keep there visitors to stay for a longer period of time. I think they should give visitors that stay minimum of two weeks should earn a special pass that would allow them to get to the front of all lines and get special discounts on other things in the park. One thing they could also do is allow them to pay a special fee to and have a golf cart they could ride around the park. Even though it would still be very hard to get through all the people it would still be a good benefit for people that can't walk that much or have other issues with there body.

Another thing that amusement parks can do is make a unique experience for there visitors, for example: they could make an experience where you can live in Harry Potter world and you can be a wizard and feel just like you're a character in the real film. They could also make it where you could act out different events that happened in the movie.

Another thing they can do is create pricing structures that everyone will be will to pay. They could charge more when they know they will be able to make the people still want to come, like when the weather is hot they can charge more because everyone wants to enjoy the park in the warm weather. Then when the weather is not as nice they can charge less so still a lot of people will still want to come.

Movie Trailer Review

I enjoyed this trailer a lot. I think they used a very good job of different camera angles and shots. I think they do a good of keeping the viewers interested in the trailer and makes them want to watch it for the whole two minutes. The creators also did a good job at not spoiling all the main events that are going to happen in the movie. But they give you enough clues where your kind of get an idea. Like the one scene when they are hiding in the woods and a group of Taliban people run into them and they decide not to kill them and they let them go because it was the right thing to do. But then sense they let them go the people run back to the city and spoil there position and the war begins. But I also think just from watching the trailer that will be a very heart-pounding movie and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Top Three Tips For Tv Marketers

One thing TV marketers should do to help them make there TV shows more popular is get more involved in social media. Like make a Twitter account for your show and host special events or contests. Like you could say, we will give t-shirts away to the first 200 people who retweet this tweet. You can also create a Facebook to show your viewers sneak peeks into upcoming episodes and behind the scenes. If i was a TV marketer I would try to keep my viewers involved in my show as much as possible so they wouldn't get sick of my show.

Another big thing for TV marketers to do a good job at is promoting there TV series as much as possible. Such as have commerials that air nightly on big name tv networks that a lot of people will be watching. Make sure that the commercial is interesting to people so they don't just walk away from there TV when your commercial is on. They could also put pictures from there show on Billboards and ads. I think they should have interviews with stars in the shows telling the audience about whats going to happen in the season of the show.

One thing most Tv shows are struggling with is just plain out making money. There is many ways they could improve this problem like getting prime times on popular networks so people might notice it more then they would on an other network. They can also sell merchandise for the show.

Reaction To Third Seconds To Mars Movie

My reaction to the movie Artifact was jus totally shock! But it is really hard because you really have to sign with a record label to make money, and succeed in the music industry. I also think that most artists have really good voices and skill but they aren't a big name band/singer because the record label only favorites so many groups.

I do think that new artist do know that most record deals are unfair but they are just really trying to get there name out there because most people have no clue who they are. But I don't think they realize how fast they can get into debt by the record companies screwing them over. If i was a new artist coming up into the music industry I would try to start of with an independent record label that could work out a fair deal for me, and get me started in the industry.

If I was in Thirty Seconds Mars situation i would try to talk things out with the record label and if that didn't work I would take it to court. I would also create a new album about what we are going through and try to tell young artists to not make stupid decisions. I think that it was really dumb that the record label had to do that to the band and it shouldn't happen to artists that are just trying to make it by and aren't being greedy like the record company

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