Weber Back 2 Basics

August 18th-22nd


Group Resume

Divide your poster into four squares.

Square 1. What's unique about each member?

Square 2. What do you all have in common?

Square 3. What do you all like to do on a Saturday night?

Square 4. Create a TEAM name!

Climate Survey

Weber Elementary Staff Handbook

Let's go to the movies!

1. Get with a partner.

2. Analyze your assigned part.

3.  Create a poster, without using words, to showcase your part of the handbook.

4. Present your part in the WEBER HANDBOOK MOVIE!!!

B2B ~~~ The Three R's

The Power of Giving

4 Corners Reflections

In what ways will you build Relationships?

How will you show Respect to your fellow learners?

What does Rigor look like in your learning environment?

All-Star Cruise

Go to 5 ports that are an ODD number, and at least 1 EVEN numbered port.

Use your Cruise Notes handout to record your reflections as you navigate ports!

Give and Get

Write down 6 things you've learned/reflected on during the cruise.

Give (share) your responses in a group of 3.

Get 2 that weren't on your list.

*Find a new partner as many times as needed to Get 2.

Forethought Update

Your Forethought Planner

Create Your Team Icon

Team Time

Work as a team to create an icon for B2B.



Welcome back additional staff members!

Create your rock and roll band name: your name + adjective and the high school mascot.

Introduce new staff members.

Simile Speaking

Break-out Sessions

(Kinder - 4th) Stem Scopes with Anna & Kara in the library

(4th ELA, ESL, Resource and Interventionist) Creating Cohesion in Student Writing with Alyssa in room 210

(Block) Updating Word Walls by adding Pictures

The rest of the day is reserved for...

Team planning

Online Mandatory Training

Preparations for Meet the Teacher Night

BAS Talk in the Library

12:30 (First and Second)

1:30 (Third and Fourth)

BOY Tic Tac Toe


Today's Line-Up

Welcome back video from Dr. Smith


One Note Tutorials

Safety Training

Lunch on your own

Info. from Mrs. Diggs

Info. from Mrs. Harrington

Prep for meet the teacher Night

What have we done this week that has been interactive?

How can you use those types of activities in your classroom to encourage interaction?