Dear The Big Bad Wolf

Would you like to be a homeless person?I bet not you!Would like a house that still standing?You would rather blow down the house that my third brother made!It took so long and now you are laughing in your bed while you having a ice pack on your bottom.You don’t need to go to jail but you must build my hut of hay and you must give all the money that i wasted, you must take every bit of energy to build my house.Would you like to be called the big bad wolf for ever but you can change that and make everyone scared because you try to get butter from the market.Now my mother thinks that you're a bad bad person since it said the title of your name and now I hope you are a very good person.

Firstly,When you go to the market you always are being chased by the police and half the time you are in jail and have to stay for a year it is so annoying for you probably.the first time you went to jail you tried to buy a piece of cheese it has been a bad influence because they are putting you in jail because i am so sad for you you are only arrested because you are a wolf.

The first time i met you i thought you were mean and nasty but now i do not.Now back to the point you should build my house but out of bricks like my third brother.

xoxo from the first pig

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