Iraq Water

By Carter Bowles

Turkey has the biggest populations with 62%. Syria has the second biggest with 25%. Syria has the smallest population with 14%

Iraq is predicted to grow the most between the expected 2030 and 2050. Turkey is predicted to only grow a little bit between 2030 and 2050. Syria is predicted to barely grow at all between 2020 and 2050. With Iraq growing very fast, they will need a lot of water soon. Turkey is not growing much, but they have a big population that needs a lot of water. Syria does not have a big population at all, and they are not predicted to grow much at all, so they do not need a lot of water. Iraq and Turkey will need more water than Syria will, but soon the region as a whole will need a lot more water for everybody.

We use almost twice as much water as our renewable has.

Over half of the water we use is from other countries. The water that we use inside the country is a smaller amount than the water we use externally.

We use a lot more water than we have available in the country. They need other countries to help support their water needs.

We use almost all of its water on agriculture, and almost none on industry and domestic. We have a lot of water put in to farmland.

Turkey has access to a lot of clean drinking water because they are at the top of the Tigris and Euphrates river. So when the river goes into Syria and Iraq, there is almost no clean drinking water anymore.

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