3-29-15 #SJSreports

The Mysterious Crash in the French Alps

Keller, Greg, and Angela Charlton. "Plane Crash Kills 150 People in French Alps; Black Box Found." Yahoo. 24 Mar. 2015. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.

        Last Tuesday,  a Germanwings flight crashed in the French Alps. Was it an accident, or was someone planning it? Investigations have been held, and many clues are still emerging. At the crash site, investigators have found the plane's black box, a tool that records what happens on the flight. The black box revealed the what sounded like the pilot leaving the cockpit, but when he wanted to go back in, the copilot wouldn't open the door. Radio contact with their control center was lost, and no distress calls were made by the pilot during the quick, eight-minute descent. Everyone on the flight was assumed dead because of the harmful crash in the mountains.

This company is a less expensive alternative for flying in Europe.
This company, a less expensive alternative to Lufthansa, was founded in 2002.
150 people are assumed to be dead. The symbol above is the company's logo.
This device recorded conversations leading up to the crash, giving them more evidence about the cause of the crash.

CNN reporters talk about what was heard from the black box recording. It gives information about the last moments on the flight.

The New York Times gives evidence that the crash was deliberate. For example, the black box recorded the co-pilot's steady breathing, showing that he was conscious.

Learn from this website what investigators and scientists are doing to identify the passengers.

From this website, you can learn about two American passengers who were on a trip in Europe, but were killed in the crash.

This is where the plane crashed in France. The plane was on its way to Düsseldorf, Germany.