UCLA home of the bruins,Also known as my (hopefully) future college.Lots of people i know always wanted to know why i wanted to go to UCLA? Well i wanted to actually share some facts i love about the University UCLA!!!

                                      UCLA(University of California,Los Angeles

-Location:405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles,CA 90095

-Student Life at UCLA is amazing their different choices for your kind of liking or as I say personality. For example if you love to socialize then participate for fraternity(guys) and sorority(girls).Their is many other things like Choral group,Drama/Theater group,Marching band ECT....

-Well i chose this college was because my passion is sports and one day i was just looking through colleges that have a wonderful athletic programs and i was hung up between UCLA or Stanford so i made a back-up plan so if UCLA doesn't work out i will pick Stanford.

-My undergraduate degree and plan is to be taking the Psychology Major. I have always had a passion of becoming a doctor,My inspiration comes the one and only man i look up to when it comes to this subject is Dr.Ben Carson. Mr. Carson has grew up with hard times has a child with his single mother Sonya and his older brother Curtis. Anyways i'm getting carried away,but has he grew up he became a brighter person was always positive and had graduated with the major of Psychology.


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