1. The Problem: make a co2 car to spec and try to make it as fast as possible

2. Brainstorming

3. Research


The most common power plant used in land transportation vehicles is the internal combustion engine. Internal combustion engines are used in the cars and trucks we use every day. These engines use a controlled explosion to create power. A four-stroke engine uses a piston and cylinder to draw fuel and air into the cylinder on its down or intake stroke. On the upstroke the air fuel mixture is compressed. At the top of this stroke, a spark ignites the fuel causing an explosion that forces the piston down, power stroke. When the piston comes back up the exhaust from the explosion is released.


The guidance system provides information to the operator to help guide him/her to his/her destination. Speedometers in cars provide information about vehicle speed. Road signs help guide the driver by providing information about location and direction. Modern guidance systems are getting more sophisticated.


Accelerate, turn, stop - vehicles need subsystems to control motion. Throttle, steering and braking subsystems control the motion of land transportation vehicles. The throttle subsystem controls the power plant to increase or decrease speed. The throttle system provides the driver with a mechanism to control the amount of air-fuel mixture that enters the combustion chamber. This control allows the operator to accelerate or decelerate the vehicle by increasing or decreasing air-fuel mixture. For cars and trucks, the gas peddle provides this control.






10. I tried to make the car as light as possible with still being able to meet the weight requirements

11. To make this car at a mass production you would have to have all the materials needed

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