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  Have you ever wondered the reason for conflict for an incident that could've happened recently, or even longer ago? There are reasons for actions that many don't question, don't seek for the truth when they could simply assume. this accusation causes distress for not only another, but hobby's such as Video Games. Although Video Games may be the reason for some actions, it does not mean it is the source of said actions, but rather an assistant of the real reason.

  In 1999, Columbine High School

had experienced a terrible event, a school shooting. Teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the characters in play of this shooting taking the lives of many. Incidents such as this brought the attention of Video Game violence to they eye of the public. Within this time, the new hit games Wolfenstein and Doom were the first to be accused of influencing the shooting, being that these games involved a massacre of characters. Many parents even tried to file law suits to the companies who released and created these games. Ultimately this did not fall through, being that these games fell under freedom of speech. This may have protected the violence within these games, but that did not stop people from trying to get rid of them with what ever excuse they could find.

  Now this leads me to my next point, Video Games do not make someone violent, the "victim's" back round does. Just because someone plays Surgeon Simulator (A video game that allows players to become a surgeon within a computerized simulation) does not mean that said person becomes a surgeon. It does not mean that just because the idea of "magic" is implanted into a child's mind does not mean that it suddenly becomes reality for everyone. Events that occur such as the shooting come from the social and psychological back round of the person. Just bec

ause you can see the front and back cover of a book does not mean that you know of the contents of the pages within the book.

  Video  Games have become more of an inspiration, not only for other creative people to make their own but also emotionally giving people an escape from the harsh environment of reality. Games have helped us through creating new ideas for solving problems, forging new ideas from older ones and becoming the heroes for many children today. If you really think about all the other reasons for people to become violent, the list topples over itself. The only reason its become an issue, is because many people are very quick to decide the blame rather than to take it on them

selves to find out the main cause of the actions that take place.

Video Games have caused more good than harm

, helping many to escape trouble rather than cause it. The ill studied comparison between violent actions and video games is assumed of too much. Although video games have become increasingly more violent, it still doesn't give the option to be accused of by the many people willing to get rid of it. Don't judge a book by its cover, if you don't know whats written within its pages.

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