Paula Poe Is A Qualified Physical Fitness Trainer With 10 Years Of Experience

Paula Poe is a very experienced physical fitness trainer who has been assisting people achieve their fitness goals from the last

10 years. She educates, motivates, plans, and coaches her clients, so that they can get the best results from their exercise plans and workouts. Generally, she has hourly sessions during which she helps her clients with their workouts, whether utilizing CV machines, weights, aerobics, flexibility training, or walking. Paula monitors and records the progress of her clients utilizing methods like heart rate levels and body fat testing during the workout. It enables her to give more detailed information about nutrition and health along with advice about lifestyle changes.

Paula Poe's responsibilities as a physical fitness trainer ranges from working in well established health clubs to resorts, cruise ships, and spas. She also provides a thorough one on one educational fitness course, which promotes a health and fitness program through education and realistic goal settings. She generates independent exercisers by giving them comprehensive information on lifestyle management, equipment usage, how to make their own personalized fitness program, and many more.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of Paula as a fitness trainer are listed below:

1.) Attends all in service meetings and trainings.
2.) She is responsible for tracking client paperwork.
3.) Conducts personal training sessions within the guidelines and policies established by ABC health.
4.) Takes pride in all clients, helping them in every possible way.
5.) Maintains physical fitness training certification through continuing education.
6.) Precisely records client training sessions for payment purposes.

Paula Poe has also completed first aid and CPR training courses. She is very punctual and conducts herself in a very professional way. She provides instruction in a wide range of fitness activities, including non gym related activities. During the training sessions, she assures all the exercises are done in a proper way using precise techniques in order to maximize results.

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