Tris Speaker

Tristram played center and played for Boston Red Soxs

,Cleavland Indians,and Washigton Sentars,and for Philadephia athletics.He played for 22 years of baseball.Tristram won the Cleavland world champions,got a 3000 hit club.He is a role model because he is a accomplished baseball player and business man.

Tris was born Hubbard,Texas.Archie and Nancy Speaker were his parents.He has 5 siblings 3 uncles a mom and dad.Tristram died on December 8,1982 of a heart attack.His different from mine, and nothing out of the ordinary of his or family background.Once he retired he coach and a manger for another team.Then he became a owner of a beer and liquor company in Cleavland. Tris died of a heart attack while brining a boat back from the water from fishing.