World Religion:Christianity By,Alyssa Lloyd

Christianity was fount in the 6th to 12th century.

The person who started Christianity is the son of God Jesus.

This picture is a cross, dove, and fish.  These picture all mean something  the dove means peace , the fish means Easter, and the cross means where Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Christians believe in a lot of things. One thing they believe in is that there is only one god and that is Jesus Christ. Christians pray to god in many ways and many places. We believe in Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were people who lived in the sacred garden of Christ were the talking animals lived. Adam and Eve was hungry and they wanted the sacred fruit from the sacred fruit tree, but Jesus stopped them in there path and said if you take from the sacred fruit tree you will regret it. But the snake who lived in the garden persuaded them to eat the fruit and they did and Jesus came back to the garden and said " you Adam and Eve have ate from the sacred fruit tree you shall pay and everyone to all will have original sin" Jesus said. From that day forth every baby born had original sin.

Concept of God: Belief in one God. Christians only believe in one god and one god only because Jesus saved us and sacrificed himself for us.

The sacred book for Christians is the Bible. Example "We write this to make our life complete".

The sacred place Christians worship in is a Church.

Some of the holidays Christians celebrate are:

1. Christmas

2. Ash Wednesday

3. Easter

Christianity is a religion where everybody who believes in one god and one god only that is Christ. They do not believe in other gods like the god of earth or the god of the sun. Christians eat the flesh of Jesus and the blood of him( it is really bread and wine) or you can say the bread of life and the wine of blood. All Christian have first communion to be a Christian. We celebrate different holidays like ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is when Jesus was burned on the cross. Also fish Friday every Friday (50 days before Easter) we eat fish and no meat allowed. Well this is how Christians live like me.

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