Sean Ringgold - Avid Outdoorsman and Extreme Sports Enthusiast

For one to be successful in pursuing a career as an actor, one must exhibit raw talent, dedication to hard work, and a diverse skill set in their portfolio. This combination of requisites often proves to be overwhelmingly difficult to achieve for most people seeking to break into professional acting, however, Sean Ringgold has found a way.

Ringgold has a strong background in many extreme sports and outdoor activities, as well as with practices in martial arts, boxing, and the precision driving of high-performance cars and motorcycles. The list of sports and activities that Sean regularly participates in is large and includes things like snowboarding, mountain biking, swimming, skydiving, jet skiing, and surfing.

Sean Ringgold is an ambitious and driven man with only the highest of aspirations. The 6’4”, 280 lbs. former New York State Arm Wrestling Champion has ties with several A-list celebrities, including stars like Tom Cruise, Reggie Miller, Jessica Alba, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Jamie Fox, Vin Diesel, and Whoopi Goldberg. He hopes to one day captivate audiences by playing in the lead role of an action blockbuster flick in which he performs all of his own stunts.

While Sean is actively pursuing his dream of starring in a major action film, he has also done acting work in advertising campaigns and commercials for big-name companies like Nike, Budweiser, Fiat 500, Kia Motors, Dr. Scholls, Dunkin Donuts, Delta Airlines, and Spike TV. His recent work includes starring in the film Before I Disappear, which debuted in November of 2014, and he is set to have roles in two major films scheduled to be released in 2015

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