Nile River

By: Carson Johnke

Why its important

The reason of why the Nile River is important is because without it Egypt wouldn't exist. It's like milk. Before you can have it you have to have a cow so the Nile is the cow and Egypt is like milk.

5 Things its used for

1.  The blackland or fertile land around the Nile without it you couldn't have crops.

2. Building materials. They used mud from the banks to make bricks which were then used to make homes.

3. It was like a transportation system because many cities were built along it and many boats traveled up it for getting to another city.

4. Papyrus plant without this they wouldn't have sandals and paper to name a few.

5. Flax was grew in the blackland. It was used for linen cloth which was used for clothing.

How it was important

It was important because with it you would have crops. You would have a bigger population which led to more people building pyramids. Which also led to pharaohs dying which led to tombs. Also with it you would have more animals.

The "Giver of Life"

Some kids in my class might think what is the positive nickname well this is it. The reason it is called the "Giver of Life" is because everything depends on it. Without this river people wouldn't exist. Without this river animals wouldn't exist. Also without this river this country wouldn't exist. It's also called that because if you had a good idea for when the river was going to flood you could save everything.

Why it's called the "Taker of Life"

It's called the Taker of Life because it took lives and homes. Think about it in floods, blizzards, and hurricanes people and animals die well same goes for when that river floods.


The blackland is fertile soil around the Nile. The blackland can make the soil so it's better to farm in. The blackland helps because you can feed people and you can make clothes from flax which make linen cloth.


The redland is the non fertile soil that takes up most of Egypt. Within it it is very hard to farm. Why because the Nile doesn't flow that far so it doesn't get any water.


A delta is the mouth of a river. Along the Nile's delta papyrus plant grows. The delta widens the river and is many small rivers.

Why is the Delta important

The delta is important because it makes papyrus plant. Papyrus plant makes paper, sandals, and etc. It also leads into the Mediterranean Sea.

Why Egypt is the "Gift of the Nile

This guy named Herodotus a Greek historian once described Egypt as "A land won by the Egyptians and given them by the Nile". So that is why it is called the "Gift of the Nile".

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