BY:Shamaryee Dalton


Imagine walking home by yourself from the movie at night and you are part of a gang . You begin to wish for your gang members but no one is their . You start to wish you were paul newman because he is tough looking . you are 2 blocks away from home and a gang pulls up . they jump out and you begin to run . 

Rising Action

On the way home when phony boy was 2 blocks away the socs came . When he seen the socs he began to run . They yelled "Greaser"and jumped out . Phony begin to think about what he could do . The socs walked up to him and asked if he needed a hair cut


The conflict in the story is that when the socs asked phonyboy if he need a hair cut he got jumped . The medium sized blond pulled out a blade , phonyboy responded no and began to run away . When he thought they were going to kill him he went wild screaming for the gang . After he was jumped he lay their wondering what happened , Soon gang came.


When the gang arrived Darry dragged phony under his armpit . Darry begin to ask questions  and apologize . He then berates phony for going out alone . when soda sees that phony  is bleeding he is concerned ad places a handkerchief to clear the blood . 

Falling Action

That night phony wonders why the Greasers hate them so much . He remeberes what had happened earlier and couldn't fall asleep . He also thinks about how mean darry is to him .