Famouse Renaissance People

By Kenny Strobel

William Shakespeare

Timeline of William Shakespeare's life

  • Born on April 23 1564.
  • Married on November 28 1582.
  • First child born in 1583.
  • Had twins that were born 1585.
  • 1590 he writes his first play called Henry Vi, part one.
  • First production of Julies Cesar at globe theature(one of Shakespeare plays) in 1600.
  • He dies on April 23 1616.

Accomplishments of William Shakespeare

  • He could write for a Queen and then make it understandable for a peasant.
  • He has timeless plays that are still around today and are very popular. For example Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet.
  • He published 154 sonnets.
  • He had children and was married. That's a pretty great accomplishment.
  • Considered the greatest dramistist of all time.

Martin Luther

Timeline of Martin Luther's Life

  • November 10th 1483 Martin Luther was born.
  • 1497 attends school in Magdeberg.
  • In 1505 when he almost got struck by a lightning bolt in a terrible thunderstorm it was so close he yelled as it struck the ground oh let me live and I'll become a monk.
  • 1506 takes monastic vows.
  • 1514 becomes priest of Wittenberg's City Church.
  • 1521 excommunicated in Rome.
  • He died on February 18th 1546.

Accomplishments of Martin Luther

  • He translated the Bible from Latin to a German so everyone could understand it.
  • He was the leader of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Founder of Luternism.
  • Published 95 Theses which told how bad the Catholic Church was.
  • He taught that authority in the Church.

Leonardo da Vinci

Timeline of his life

  • He was born on April 15 1452.
  • In 1467 becomes apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio.
  • 1472 becomes part of of Florence painters Guild.
  • 1473 his first drawing as far as we know.
  • 1476 was arrested for apparently having a homosexual affair with a male model. Later was declared innocent.
  • 1482 made a musical instrument made of silver.
  • 1496 made notes of having a test flight with one of his flying machines. Recorded it as not successful.
  • 1507 finished painting Mona Lisa.
  • May 2nd 1519 he dies.

Accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci

  • He made a model of a parachute.
  • He painted the Mona Lisa.
  • He painted the Last Supper.
  • He made a gun that was like a machine gun.
  • Considered on of the greatest anatomists of all time. Anatomists means expert in anotomy.

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