1. Essential question
How does a theme enhance a book?
2. Objectives
Students will be able to identify what a theme is. They will also be able to explain what the theme is in Only the Lonely (From the Files of Madison Finn, 1) by Laura Dower. They will also be able to define how a theme enhances a book.
3. Mini-lesson activities
Students are going to bring out their reading books. Together as a class we are going to go over what we have read thus far. After we have gone over the book together as a class we will create a poster that talks all about themes. It will have what a theme is and how having a theme can enhance a book. Than the kids will create a paragraph about the theme of the book we are reading as a class. After they have finished their themes they will write them on card stalk with a thin black sharpie. Then the class will create a picture of how they feel the theme should look. They will color the picture with colored pencils on the card stalk.   
4. Materials
A lined poster board. Colored Sharpies. Only the Lonely (From the Files of Madison Finn, 1) By Laura Dower. Card stalk for each student. Colored pencils for the students to share in groups. Pencils for each student. And a thin black sharpie for each student.

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