Things I wish I knew about...

Classes, advice, and random things I wish I would have known during my time at USF

Classes I wish I knew about

Why don't they have a degree in origami?

One of the most useful things to know about classes at USF is that some of them will double count towards not only your major or minor, but towards your core requirements as well. By choosing classes effectively you can open up your schedule to leave room for classes you want to explore. And for classes you actually want to take!

*Freshman seminars*

Freshman seminars are possibly USF's best kept secret. Almost every one of these 4 credit classes covers the requirements of one core that the university makes all students take. These seminars are interesting, fun and much more interactive than a lot of other core courses. *NOTE* that you can only take one of these seminars and that you must take it during your freshman year. Such a shame and forever frustrating for those who miss out.

*Lovers of wisdom- Covers the Philosophy core (D1), which, lets be real is one of the cores many students leave for their junior and senior year for a reason. This class is highly recommend by the students who have taken it. It looks at philosophy in a very different light and gives philosophy a fresh perspective.

*Sports Talk: The Rhetoric of Sports- For any man or woman who loves sports, this class can knock out your Core A, rhetoric requirement. This class gives classic rhetoric a spin as it focuses on the language of the couches, the athletes and sports terminology.

*From Oz to Hogwarts: Wisdom through Fantasy- Ok so this seminar doesn't cover a core, but how does reading and discussing Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sound to you? This class is a rare offering and is a great way to spent some of your extra credits towards graduation.

*2 credit classes*

Writing for real world: This class is taught by David Holler, and its an absolute game-changer. Its optional if you would like it as a 2 or 4 unit class, differing only by how often you meet a week (once or twice). The class consists of reading one essay submitted by a student and you will spend your lesson time editing it until its perfect. From here the essays are collated and published into a book. That means you can now rightly state that you are a published copyeditor. What a little gem to put on your resume. The fact that Prof Holler is a total and utter legend really helps things move along smoothly.

Generation to Generation: The class meets once a week and is one of the only classes at USF that will let you see the world from the perspectives of the young and the old. Professor Wagner truly understands the psychology of aging, and there are very few settings were such a cool collection of different age groups gather to discuss life. Plus you will stop being ignorantly blind to those elders in the caf everyone just refers to as "the old people", and start to see them as your peers.

Yoga- get your bend on. There are plenty of healthy options to spend those 2 extra credits on every semester. Yoga is just on of them. But be aware, they fill up quick.

*Professors that make USF*

Because we all love to be taught by a baller.

Lets be real- David Silver. Because few professors share this serious passion for teaching and learning. And a class that promotes this level of exploration is sure to make you feel like you gained something from the course. aka take Digital Media Production

Take (insert) and you get a free bottle of alcohol. It's a 4 hour class that goes about two hours once a week...and you get to use your creative imagination to create an advertising pitch. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

more to come more to come

Places that you can print...

Cowell- who knew there was a computer lab in Cowell 214! Located on the second floor this computer lab offers printing, and 99% of the time has a fully loaded stapler. Always a good extra for those last minute papers that need to be stapled.

Gleeson Library- Probably the most known and often the most crowded, but a great place to print if you plan to hang out and study afterwards.

Psychology department - rumor has it that if you're a psych major you can go and get all your stuff printed down there...

University Center- Step on up to the third floor to find yourself a place to print right after grabbing your morning bagel.

Malloy Hall- Although it's technically on the first floor, it really feels more like the basement of malloy. But be aware that the printers in this location are known to be "broken" on more than one occasion.

Loyola Village- At the front of every apartment building is a printer, all you have to do is download Pharos to your computer. Amazing.

School of education (CIT)- On the bottom floor, inside the forbidden looking room on the right lies a rarely used printer. PLUS there's a tech desk right next to it.. so when you get stuck.. you get it.

Memorial Gym athletics department- This is where the athletes get to print all their stuff for free...find a friend everyone...a friend that plays sports.

miscellaneous advice

*If you have flexi and you find yourself with a ton of money second semester, it's good to know that at the end of the year they sell things in bulk. So don't be so hasty to waste those precious flexi bucks.

*German 1 is only offered in the fall. So be aware of this if you don't plan your schedule in time and dreamt of taking german.

Inspiring people who remind us to graduate..

Unsurprisingly, there are an absolute cacophony of students who passed through the classrooms of USF, only to graduate and become pioneers of their discipline. But how do these seemingly legendary students find success? Here's a list of the who's, the what's, and the why's:

Gordon Bouker studied [INSERT] and later became the co-founder of Starbucks.

Paul Otellini studied [INSERT] and later became the CEO of Intel.


Listen to our words. Internalise them. Live them.. and you won't be singing this song at the end of the year.

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