Designer Animal Project
.by dennis Onalaja and dailen haapanemn

Animal Adaptaion

Common Name: Green Anaconda

Scientific Name: Tough Anaconda

Animal is called the tough Anaconda. It is about 1-2 meters long. It eats all sorts of small animals such as birds. It catches food with it's sharp tail and its venomous fangs. It then squeezes its prey until it dies. It gets its water from its prey filtering the blood into water. It takes shelter in the tree tops and the thick leaves block out heavy rain and other things. It defend itself by curling into a circle and uses it tough skin to block out predators, how the animal got it's name. It protects its young from the dangers by letting the young into the circle like it would protect itself. The common name of the animal would be the Tough Anaconda. It is named that after its tough skin and how it descended from an old snake known as the Anaconda

Plant Adaptation

Common Name: lily pad

Scientific name: Viktor lili

The plant is called the Viktor lili. It is about half a meter long. It uses photosynthesis to give itself energy. It maintains body temperature by being in the warm water of the rainforest and soaks up all the sun it can get at a time. It is in water so it is hard for predators that do not live in the water to reach it. The common name for the plant is the Viktor lili. It is named after the Victorian Water Lily Pad. It’s name descends from the old plant name with a modern twist.