Don't be old, get some GOLD!

What is Gold?

Gold (Au) is number 79 on the periodic table.  It has an atomic mass of 196.96655.  Au is located on the sixth group of the periodic table which means that it has 6 shells and in the eleventh period which means that the number of valence electrons can be identified.  Gold is a very rare substance making up only five ten-millionths of earth. Its high value and rarity have made it one of the most prized metals ever.  Gold is used for a lot of things.  One of the most common uses is for jewelry.  It is also used to make weapons and you can even melt it to make money.  Sometimes fake gold is used for fashion purposes like the shoes above. Gold is also a yellowish- brown shiny color and very strong and heavy.  Gold melts at a whopping 1,948°F, boils at 5085 °F.  Gold is what is called a "transition metal" which means that the number of valence electrons can't be identified.

SALES PITCH: My element is awesome for trade and really good for weapons.  If you want something and you have some gold, trade it in and that gold will be old.

RANK EM' EXPLANATION: I gave biological need a zero because you do not NEED it to survive.  I gave social need a 5 because gold is probably the most valuable element and you can trade it for almost anything. I gave functional need a two because it probably isn't the best thing to build a house with.  However, you can make pots and pans out of it if you have enough.  I gave defense a three because you can make things like bullets out of them but you probably won't have enough to make enough.

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