A day in a life of a sock

Mr. Warmtoes is nowhere to be found in the mornings. He is always stuck on to the drawer and not willing to go to school. His twin brother Mr. Noheel, on the other hand, is somewhere hugging the neighbors' little sock. It takes me time to find them and get them into the shoes.
I never could tell if Mr. warmtoes is right and Mr. Noheel is left or the other way around.
I usually wear them every Monday and Thursday because all the other weekdays we have gym and I wouldn't like to be seen with Mr. Noheel on my foot. Not that they haven't seen him. It's that annoying Mrs. Crafting who thinks of games and things to do barefoot. So I try not to wear them if I have a class with Mrs. Crafting too.
Once I put them in the morning I don't take them off all day. Not because they are warm and comfy but because I have to go to all the trouble of finding matching socks all over again.
I put them under the desk right before I go to bed and leave them there till Thursday. My sister says they smell but I don't mind. They are my favourite pair of socks.

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