She making learning fun. When we had the assignment to go around the class room and test different  ways a negative and positive attracts. I though the Work and Power math problem lesson was hard to understand, but it helps us calculate work and power and what causing it to work. I wouldn't forget this class because with her creative style helped me past and understand science better.


Math is a hard to understand and a lot to remember. She makes sure that you can understand but in a much easier way. My favorite lesson is solving systems with elimination because i understand it and had fun solving them. To me two steps equations doesn't really help other than in math,but it fun to learn how to though. Her class was always were if you didn't know what's going on she wouldn't had mind showing you again.


Thinking map was always my favorite and she always made us do thinking map.Word relationships didn't seem to be as helpful to me, but it had came in handle sometimes.She that type were once you enter that classroom, when you leave you will have learned and understand something new.

Ms.Palmore, D

I've always loved music and wanted to learn more about it. Ms.Palmore had made learning music fun. When we were learning genres of music, we had to get into a group and find out what each genres means. When she told us the people who created music, i had got lost and didn't understand who we need to know, but i helps me where i'm handing.I'll never forget her, her room was always full of joy and music, she always has a smile on her face.


She loves to get to know her students. When we did the fitness test she in congress us to keep trying. I've always thought that dressing out wasn't needed, but it is kind of hard to run in jeans. I wouldn't forget her or her class it was easy and really fun.


she works hard to make sure everything is done. I love when she has a smile on here face it brightens my day. I don't like how sometimes she'll get onto me, but i love her for that. Without her I wouldn't tried my best. She  made me want to try. Her room is always fun in there there's always laughing.

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