Photos of World War 1

  • This photo shows the Archduke of Austria Hungary, Franz Ferdinand, getting into his car with his wife. Later that day in that car, the Archduke was shot and killed. His assassination was the spark that began World War 1. World War 1 was between two strong alliances which were made up by 5 great powers: The Central power which consisted of Austria Hungary and Germany, and the Triple alliance which consisted of Russia, Britain and France. This war involved everyone, and the assasination was the spark that set it off. #WW1 #totalwar #spark  

Weaponry/ Technology
  • A new invention during the time of World War 1 was the Airplane. This photo is a great example of the technological advancement during the 20th century.The planes in the photo are shown flying in a formation. Planes could carry cargo, weapons, and could even be used as a weapon later on. There was a belief that if a country had a strong military, then they could have power. This is known as militarism. #militarism #plane #technology
  • The gas mask is another great example of the advancement in technology during the time of World War 1. This was the first war that had ever used chemicals as a weapon. In order to protect the soldiers, gas mask were needed to prevent the chemicals from setting in. They soldiers would use any tactic that worked when it came to defeating the enemy. #Gasmask #technology #tactics

Soldier Life
  • This photo is of the highlanders, which were soldiers from the United Kingdom. In this picture they were taking sandbags up to the front of the battle line for protection. Considering a soldier’s life was never easy, protection was needed. No matter how amazing propaganda had made it seem, the real situation was never the same. The soldiers believed that the war would be quick and easy, however it was the complete opposite. They were forced to face hard cold nights and the many other tragedies that come with war. #soldierlife #propaganda
  • Soldiers would spend many days or even weeks in trenches. They would maybe gain a few yards towards the enemy on a good day. The trenches carried illnesses, and were not the most hospitable place to spend days. The soldiers however did not have a choice, they fought for their country. #nationalism #trenches

Civilian Life
  • Civilian life wasn't easy either. Since this was a total war, everyone was involved. Civilians did all they could to help the soldiers. They would knit socks, send food, and even scraps of metal. However sometimes the war would come to the towns. Air raids would cause destruction and chaos. The bombs could kill families and destroy homes. In Britain families had to turn off all their lights at night in order to try and prevent more air raids in populated towns. #totalwar #destruction #propaganda
  • This photo shows a family going into a bomb shelter. Homes were not a safe place like they should be. Bombs could hit them at any moment. Air raids could happen at anytime, which forced the civilians to take shelter as soon as they heard the sirens. Destruction was inevitable once those sirens went off.The safest place was for people to go underground in the bomb shelters. #destruction #airraids

Impact of the War
  • At the end of the war many were lost, families were broken, and homes were destroyed. 10 million People died and 20 million were brutally injured. In the end the peace was ruined by people wanting revenge, and the settlement that was created at the end of WW1 was unsuccessful. #impact #deathanddestruction