1: Check scene for safety

2: check person

3: call 911 or have someone else call 911

4: Start 30 compression's an the rate of 100 per minute

*for child go 1\3 deep and an adult 2"

5: Tilt head back and give 2 breaths

6: continue until someone else with equal or better training comes to take over or an AED arrives

Infant CPR

1: Check scene safety

2: check infant for responsiveness

3: Call 911

4: Start 30 comprehensions with 2 fingers between the nipples at the rate of 100 per minute

5:Give 2 breaths

Conscious infant choking

1 Check scene for safety

2 check infant

3 call 911

4 position baby on arm with head lower than legs

5 give 5 back blows

6 Give 5 chest comprehensions

7 continue until item comes out or help arrives

Adult\child conscious CPR

1 Check scene for safety

2 check person

3 call 911

4 give abdominal thrusts until object comes out

* if victim if pregnant or too large to reach around do chest thrusts instead

Adult\child unconscious choking

1: check scene for safety

2: check person

3: call 911

4: give 30 chest comprehensions

5: look in mouth and see if there is an object if there is finger sweep it out

6 give 2 breaths and see if breaths go in if breaths dint go in re position the head and try again

7: give 30 more chest comprehensions

8: continue until help arrives or person becomes conscious

infant unconscious choking

1: check for scene safety

2: check infant

3: call 911

4: Give 30 chest comprehensions

5 check for and foreign object in the mouth

6 if there is anything finger sweep to remove and give 2 breaths


1: apply direct pressure with dressing

(if blood leaks through put more dressing on top

2: elevate wound above heart

*never remove bandage from bottom!

3: wrap gauze around to secure dressing once bleeding in under control

4: call EMS or take patient to nearest hospital


1: check scene, look for any standing water around patient or if there is any metal

2: check person for responsiveness

3: call 911

4: bare the chest and dry off the chest

5: pads on chest

Adult- one pad between the nipples and one under the armpit

Child- one pad left side under armpit and one right side upper chest above the nipples.

Baby- One pad on back and one on front

* if there are no pediatric pads use adult pads the only difference is that adult pads are bigger

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