Shippensburg Pump Co., Distributor: Steam Distribution

The primary purpose of an effective steam distribution system is to link the output of the steam generation system to the steam end use equipment. The distribution system should supply high-quality steam to the end use equipment at the required rate and pressure, and with the minimum heat loss.

Key components include steam distribution piping, valves, and flanges, distribution system insulation, steam traps, air vents, drip legs, and strainers.

Key Inputs and Outputs

Key inputs include steam conditions (pressure and quality) from the generation system. Key outputs include steam distribution outlet mass flow and pressure, distribution outlet steam quality.

Opportunities for Improvements

Properly select, size, and maintain your distribution system steam traps.

Insulate all distribution system pipes, flanges, and valves.

Ensure that steam mains are properly laid out, sized, adequately drained, and adequately air vented.

Ensure that steam distribution system piping is correctly sized to produce the appropriate system pressure drops.

Ensure that distribution system piping is adequately supported, guided, and anchored, and that appropriate allowances are made for pipe expansion at operating temperatures.

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