República Bolivariana de Venezuela

A land of beautiful beaches and majestic waterfalls

Venezuela is surrounded by Columbia, Guyana, and Brazil. All of which speak Spanish


Venezuela was fought over and struggling until the discovery of the worlds second largest known oil reserve finally set them back on their feet.


You will find many sea based foods, such as Fish and Crayfish, on the coast. Some of the more Amazonian foods are Yucca, Corn, Banana's, Turtles, Tapirs, Monkeys, Birds, and Ants.  In the Andean area the main foods are Wheat, Trout, Meat, and Sausages.

Climate and Geogrophy

Venezuela usually has a year round pleasantly warm climate, considering that it is only 8 degrees off the equator. The geography includes mountains, beaches, forests, and rivers.

Famous Places

Angel Falls -  the tallest waterfall in the world.

Coastal beaches- Clear water beaches provide all kinds  of fun!

Amazon Rainforest -  Rafting, Wildlife, Sights, and much more!

Andes Mountains - Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Great Views, and Biking!

Famous People

Some famous people include:

  • Simón Bolívar (revolutionary leader of South America)
  • Martin Tovar y Tovar (painter)
  • Oscar D’León (musician)
  • Tito Salas (painter)
  • Teresa de la Parra (novelist)
  • Andrés Eloy Blanco Meaño (poet)
  • Andrés Bello (humanist)
  • Carlos Raúl Villanueva (architect)
  • Luis Aparicio (Professional baseball player)
  • Teresa Carreño (pianist, singer, composer)
  • Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (Miss Universe 2008)

Additional Cool Facts

Some cool facts are:

  • Football(soccer) is not considered a national sport, Baseball is the main focus
  • Roman Catholicism is the main religion
  • Contains the worlds tallest waterfall
  • There are close to 40 languages today
  • Spanish Influenced By Canary Isles
  • Population 28.6 Million
  • Official name República Bolivariana de Venezuela
  • Capital is Caracas
  • Currency is Bolivar fuerte
  • National day is the 5th of July

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