Jacques Cartier

The French Navigator, Jacques Cartier...

Cartier's Background

             Jacques Cartier was born December 31, 1491 in Saint-Malo Brittany, France. And Died 1557. He began his career in 1524, the same year he led his first expedition. Cartier married a woman named Catherine Des Granches. Cartier's first voyage was to discover the new community of the Catholic world. Every time Cartier had an expedition, he had always brought these materials: Astrolabes(Used to make measurements), Charts, Compasses, Cross-staffs(formerly used at sea for taking the altitude of a celestial body), Traverse boards, and Almanacs.

Cartier's Achievements

              Jacques Cartier led three expeditions to Canada, during his voyages, Cartier learned that weather mattered a lot more than other things he worried about. He learned to warn towns and towns people about big storms. Cartier also published an account about his expeditions and voyages. In 1534, he led his first voyage to Canada. Again, from 1524-1527, Cartier was acquaintance's with Giovanni Verrazzano.

Cartier's Impact

  •               To me, the impact Jacques Cartier had on the world, by having more of an impact in Canada, Cartier traveled to Canada during his three expeditions. He had an impact on Canada, by establishing and bringing government to canada,Cartier brought more people to the canadian area. Jacques Cartier technically established and brought together Canada to be just like other countries and states.

(Meeting of Jacques Cartier and Donacona in Canada 1535 France, British Expedition London)

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