Janes Jungle of Good

By: Maggie

The jungle community is the home of the great and mighty chimpanzees. Jane Goodall recognized the need to better understand and protect this amazing natural community.Goodall named, watched and helped the chimpanzees. She made their lives better. I want to nominate Jane Goodall for the Robert Burns award because she enriched the lives of chimpanzees and put herself through personal sacrifice.


Jane was born on April 3 in London. Her mother was Margaret Joseph and her Father was Herbert Goodall. She had a sister named Judy and a dog Rusty. Her dog Rusty taught her that all animals have different personalities. Goodall has loved animals since she was two when her father bought her a stuffed chimp for her second birthday. The chimp was a replica of Jumbly the new baby chimp at the nearby zoo. Ever Since Jane Goodall has wanted to study chimps. Goodall was one curious child. For example she stayed in the hen house for hours just to see how hens lay eggs. Also she brought earthworms in to study them and keep them as pets but her mother said if she doesn't return them to the dirt they will all die. She put them back so they would live in their natural home.Also, when turned fourteen she rode in horse shows. When her parents were divorced at age eight she moved with her mother and into her aunts house. Since her father and mother got divorced in the middle of the war Jane had to live through very terrible times of bombs without her father. So she and her sister and mother moved back to England to avoid war sadly without their father who stayed behind to fight in the world. She went to kindergarten all the way to high school but her family had financial problems and could not afford college. Over all she did very well all the way through school. She set sail for Kenya on April 2 1957. When she docked she met Louis

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