Exploration Proposal

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

Why should you sponsor to send me, John, to the west? I'll show you why.

Just so you know, please play the song and keep going.

Our Problem:

We are very low on resources because of the plague being gone. Now that we are free of it, many people are moving to England, and we don't have enough resources for all of them.

My Solution

I will travel to the west in search of lumber, fur, and gold. These resources I will send back,to help England.

Their Route

Everyone else plans to go straight west, because they think it is faster and it will cost you less money, but the truth is, that will cost you a lot more money, because the water there is a lot rougher, so you will have to send back up ships just in case. Also, there are no islands to stop at, so either you will have to send a lot of food with them, or keep sending ships to them with fresh food.

Their route: Red=bad

My route: Green=good

My Route

I plan to travel southwest and then swing up to where the other people are planning to land. This route is safer because there are more islands for me to stock up at, the waters are a lot calmer, and the climate is a lot better.

What do I Plan to look for?

I plan to  look for furs, lumber and gold. These your highness, will help

and Lumber!

Some obstacles I may encounter,

An obstacle I will probably encounter are the Native peoples. I plan to turn them Christian, or use them as human labor, which would be another good resource.

But Mainly,

This is for England!!!!

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