Come vist saturn!

A new adventure starts here!!!

Amazing + Thrilling

One day on saturn takes 10.7 hours.Saturn makes a complete orbit around the sun in 29 earth years.Saturn is a gas giant planet and does not have a solid surface so you could get a jetpack that only blows out air so we wouldn’t sink in. Saturn’s atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen (h2) and helium (he) so take lots of helium tanks and since we can’t breath out there we would need a camel back so we can drink without dying.Saturn has 53 moons with an additional 9.Saturn has the most spectacular ring system of all our solar systems of planets. Seven ring with several gaps and division between them. Saturn can not support life as we know ever some of saturn's moons have conditions that might support life. The handles turned out to be rings of saturn.Saturn is 285 degrees F at the top of its clouds it gives off 2.5 times as much heat as it receices.

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