Industrial Revolution

By: Ethan Brooks

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Morse code

When was it invented

Samuel morse had invented  the telogram in 1836

What is it / purpose

Morse code is a electrical series of signals sent buy a telogram. It was invented so that peple could comunicat back and forth, because of the expansion west. it was the first comunication devise that was sent between cable.


A positive effect of  morse code was it  could send mesages long distance in the matter of minuits.Thoe it was easly cut off so it might not get the message to where it needs to go.

How it works

Mors code is used by a telogram, you push the dial on the telogram. Eather you hold it down t make a dash or tap it to make a dot. These dotd and dashes make noises, so you have to be able to here very well.

What is todays morse code

Today morse code is like the fax machine you can send a mesage and it comes out in a message on paper.

North vs. South

This invention would help the north when there is a civil war to help send messages for supplies.

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