6meh.1.1 Decision-Making model

State the decision

You're friends (including someone you have a crush on) which they think makes them "grown up."

List the options

I can start smoking two, I can ignore it, I can tell them to stop, or I can stop being friends with them.

Weigh the possibilities

If I start smoking I could get un healthy, if I ignore them they can get unhealthy, if I tell them to stop they might but might not and could stop being friends with me, or I can stop being friends with them I would be lonely.

Consider values

It is important to me because I could loose my friends and they are making a bad decision

Make a decision and act it

I would tell them to stop and making good decisions is what makes u "grown up," not smoking and it's a bad decision to smoke.

Evaluate the decision

It might make them stop,  might not, but it's the best thing to do.

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