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Welcome to one of the country's most delightful surprises. No longer the dirty steel town of old, Pittsburgh is now a true renaissance city. A city of modern cathedrals and Old World, neighborly charms, filled with high-tech companies, friendly faces, fun and adventure. Come and take a closer look!

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Some facts on pittburgh is

City Population: 350,363
Allegheny County Population: 1,336,449
Median Family Income (1997): $38,200 (within city limits)
Unemployment Rate: 4.2%
Median Home Sale Price (1999): $53,438
Average High Temperature (July): 82.5° F
Average Low Temperature (January): 20.8° F
Also Known As (AKA): The 'Burgh

Area: 55.5 Square Miles
Rank: 13th Largest City in the Nation
Elevation: 1,223 Feet
Port: Pittsburgh is the nation's largest inland port, providing access to the extensive 9,000 mile U.S. inland waterway system.

Public Schools 92

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