Ask yourself these questions to check your learning.

Part A
Understanding what you are learning and why.

1. What are you learning?

2. Why/ how does this fit with what you’ve learnt before?

3. How does this fit with other subjects?

4. How will you know when you’ve learned it?

Part B
Learning is engaging, challenging and motivating.

5. Are you engaged by your learning?

6. Does it make your brain hurt?

7. Are you enjoying your learning?

8. What keeps you interested in your learning?

9. Can you describe how you feel when you are enjoying your learning?

10. Are you motivated by your learning?

11. Is this learning easy for you?

12. Is this learning challenging you? Too much? Too little?

13. How could this learning be more challenging for you?

14. Are you learning stuff that you could do already?

Part C
Know how well you are doing and how to improve.

15. What feedback have you had from your teacher about your learning recently?

16. How did you get that feedback?

17. How did you feel about this feedback?

18. How do you feel if you get something wrong or if you don’t understand something? What do you?

19. How do you know if you’ve been successful in your learning?

Next Steps

20. What can you do differently next time or Even Better if.