Brown vs. Board of Education

a. President Harry Truman stopped segregation and ruled segregation in schools unconstitutional.

b. People involved were Harry Truman, the Supreme Court, and the Board of Education.

c. This is significant to the Civil Rights movement because it was the beginning of racial integration in between children.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

a. Rosa Parks was reluctant to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, she was arrested and after her arrest, a majority of the black community in Montgomery boycotted the buses and the bus business plummeted for  381 days.

b. People involved where Rosa Parks, the African American community of Montgomery and the bus drivers and companies.

c. This is significant because Rosa Parks stood up for what she thought was the right thing and the white community realized how much of an impact the African American community  makes on their city.

Integration of Central High School 1957

a. Nine African American students entered an all white school called Central High School. When the black students went into the school for the first time, there were mobs of white, angry people surrounded the school.

b. The people of Little Rock, the Supreme Court, and the Little Rock students were all involved.

c. This is an important event because those 9 African American students were the first to ever be able to go to school at an all white school which then became an integrated school.

First Lunch-counter Sit-in

a. Four African American college students went out for lunch at Woolworth's and when they requested service, they were denied. When asked to leave the establishment, the four students stayed in their seats and remained peaceful.

b. The people involved were the four African American students, the establishment workers and owner, and the other people at Woolworth's.

c. This event was significant because although the establishment management was extremely unfair and racist against the students, they remained peaceful and never turned the situation violent.  

Black Students and Civil Rights Workers Sit in White Section of Bus Station

a. The African Americans and civil rights activists known as the "Freedom Riders" sat in the white section of the bus station since the buses were segregated.

b. The people involved were the Freedom Riders, bus drivers, and other civilians who rode the buses.

c. The Freedom Riders were so important because after they rode the white buses and sat in the white bus stations, the Boynton vs. Virginia case ruled segregated public buses as unconstitutional.  

Integration of the University of Mississippi

a. In September, an African American man by the name James Meredith tried to enroll in Ole Miss and caused a huge commotion for the community.

b. The people involved were James Meredith, the Ole Miss community and staff, and the civilians of Mississippi.

c. James Meredith wanting to enroll in Ole Miss was so important because he was the first African American to want to enroll in a college and now thousands of African Americans go to universities.

Martin Luther King Junior's "I Have a Dream" Speech

a. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech was spoken to 250,000 civil rights activists on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. His speech was about how he has a dream that one day everyone will be treated equally and with the same respect as any other race.

b. "I Have a Dream" affected Martin Luther King Jr., all 250,000 civil rights activists at the speech, and all of us today.

c. This speech was so important during the civil rights movement because all of the news papers wrote about his speech and it launched a lot of chaos for himself and the other civil rights activists.

Campaign to Desegregate City

a. The Birmingham Campaign was a movement to try and change the government by black young students and civil rights activists taking nonviolent and peaceful action against the government.

b. Young black students, civil rights activists, and the community of Birmingham were involved in the Birmingham Campaign.

c. This event was important because it was one of the first times we saw African Americans peacefully protesting and taking action against the government and the police retaliated in violent responses.

Murder of Three Civil Rights Activists

a. James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were captured, shot, and killed by the KKK.

b. James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and the KKK.

c. This was important because three innocent people died trying to peacefully fight for a good cause.

Murder of NAACP leader Medgar Evers

a. He was shot in the back by a rifle on his way back from a lawyers meeting.

b. Evers, his family, the governer.

c. This was important because an innocent black man was assassinated.

March for Voting Rights to Montgomery

a. Millions of people watched the march on TV, people were peacefully protesting and over 600 people got attacked by state troopers.

b. The protesters, the state troopers, and the people of Selma.

c. This was important because lots of people were attacked for doing nothing wrong besides nonviolently protesting for their civil rights.

Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

a. Martin Luther King Jr. gets assassinated at Lorraine Hotel at the age of 39 by James Earl Ray.

b. Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray

c. This was important because Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important men in the civil rights movement.

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