Important discoveries and inventions that have made advance humanity

Age: our activity is for children of 11/12 years old.

Level: sixth Grade of Primary School.

Subject: Social Sciences


  • Remembering: searching information, recognizing the discoveries with their correspondent discoverers.
  • Creating: designing a documentary.
  • Analyzing: comparing the different periods of the history, organizing the different facts and integrating everything in a chronological line.
  • Evaluating: commenting the different documentaries among the students, collaborating to work in groups in order to do a good documentary.
  • Understanding: explaining what have they learnt about the impact of these discoveries in our daily live, annotating the most relevant characteristics of these discoveries, commenting the impressions and if they have liked the activity.

Short description:

We are going to organize a cinema festival with the different documentaries that the students have made about the five most relevant discoveries in the history; fire. Theory of Evolution, penicillin, electric bulb and Internet-The students will be divided into five groups, so each of them will focus in one discovery.

They will use four different apps which we would give them. These applications will be useful to organize better the main concepts and characteristics of each discover they are going to do a mind map and a temporal line. They are going to learn the relevance and the repercussions of these discoveries nowadays; also they are going to acquire how to work in groups and the use of different apps.


  • Recognition and measurement of traces of the past.
  • Using internet as an information source
  • Networking
  • Sharing a phased process tasks and responsibilities.


Our task would be developed in five days.

The first day, we would give the students the name of the five most important discoveries  in the history which are: fire, theory of Evolution, penicillin, electricit bulb, and Internet. We would divide the class in five groups of five or six members, each of them had to focus  in one discovery, they would search information about it, for example: their authors, the date….We would tell them that it doesn´t consist on putting information copy and paste. On the other hand, they have to develop it in an interactive way, participating and be protagonists of the video.

We would do a raffle to distribute them in groups. Then, we would present to students the applications which they would have to use, which are: Exam Time, Video Show, Dipity and YouTube. We would explain them the functioning of them through tutorials. Also we would tell them that Dipity will be worked between five groups because is a temporal line where they can expose the five discoveries, this also would be beneficial to learn how cooperate and work with a lot of people respecting their ideas.

The next day, we would let free time to the students to examine the applications and learn the use. In this form, we could resolve all their doubts and problems with the applications. In the same day they would start to develop the activity.

In the fourth day, they would have to prepare their final work, the documentary. Each member of the group will have a role like director, actors, screenwriter….

The last day, they would have the presentation which would last ten minutes of each group and they will be asked for a reflection about the impact of these discoveries nowadays.

Finally, the teacher specialized in social science would evaluate each documentary of the each groups. This activity would be the 20% of the final mark, they will be evaluated depending of their work and the developing in the task.

  • Dipity: we would see if all students have done a complete temporal line with the details of each discover, the name of the discoverer, the date, some videos or photos, good definitions…
  • Examtime: if they have put the main ideas and all of them are connected in a logical way. The mind map will help them to have the ideas organized better in order to do the video.
  • Videshow: we are going to evaluate the creativity of the video, if it is original, if the students have worked hard on it and so on.
  • And the final step, is upload the documentaries in Youtube to share the work with everyone who wants to see it and to transmit them the importance of be connected.

As we know, children sometimes need to be motivated to reach a good work. Due to their hard work of all students, they would be rewarded with a travel to an historical museum where they can play with the historical equipment related with the discoveries and learn more about these discoveries and others. The winners of the festival would have the privilege of showing their video at the museum.

We think that it is easier to remember something if we do it fun and we participate on it. We are sure that with this activity they are going to learn a lot of important things that they wouldn´t learn if they learn it by heart.


We would give the apps- tools which will help our students to present a good work and through tutorials, the apps are explained, according to this, the apps are the following:

  • Dipity, this is an app where you create your own line time, if you click in a year you can put some information, images or videos. This will be so useful to organize the years of discoveries and have the concepts organized in a chronological way.
  • Examtime, to expose the main information exam time will be the perfect tool. Children create a mind map with the most relevant concepts.
  • Videoshow, here you can record your own video and decor it with filters, add text, music or with your own voice. Videoshow will do a fun video.
  • Youtube, here children would upload their fantastic work and share it with the world.

Check list:

This activity is easy to children of sixth grade, also they will enjoy it because is an interactive activity where they participate as actors, directors, screenwriters and so on. With this they participate in the whole process of making a movie. Nowadays every child has technologies in their houses, so smartphones and computers will be crucial to develop this activity. If some child don´t have any of this technologies, it won´t matter because they can do the activity during the class of social sciences with his classmates, just with one Smartphone for group is enough.

To teach them how these apps are used we will give them some easy tutorials which we found in internet, during the lessons we are going to supervise the process of making the documentary and answering their questions.

For this activity we searched the five most important discoveries in the history, we know that there are many discoveries that are very relevant to the world history but we wanted to focus in those which influence are essential for our daily life. According to this, we thought that would be important that children had to organize the discoveries in a temporal line, in this way they would see that the things which we have nowadays was invented by important people some years ago, with a temporal line they can see in a graphic manner the time sequence of the different discoveries, in our case we use dipity.

A mind map also is an important tool to show the main aspects of some content and to reduce the amount of information, just selecting the most relevant of the unit, so we used Examtime to do our maps due to the easiness of this page.

We wanted that children participate showing how they understood the information which they searched so they will record a video, with Videshow, they can do a type of tale with the different discoveries, a documentary….

The final step is sharing the work through a social network. We chose Youtube because of their popularity and because almost everyone know how to use it. Through it they will expand their fantastic work.

We want to transmit them the necessity of being connected with the world and we aim them to share their ideas, work, etc with this part of the project.


An example of Dipity:

An example of ExamTime:

Finally, to show our work, we wrote in Trello our diary to  tell how the work was developed.

Here you have got an example of video about Darwin and his Theory of Evolution

And the final result in Youtube...

Mind map about Darwin´s Theory of Evolution

Original idea by:

María Dolores Muñoz López

Alba María Velasco Martínez

María Mula Pérez

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